Zcash: New Network Update successfully activated

zcash update

Last Sunday, ZCash’s blockchain network successfully activated the Sapling network upgrade. The new update will improve network performance by making transactions faster an lighter.

The update will result in faster transactions and reduced memory per transaction: a time reduction by 90% and a memory reduction of 97%.

“Sapling activation, occurring on the momentous occasion of the currency’s second birthday, brings us one step closer to widespread adoption of an open, permissionless and private payment system.”

All ZCash users received new protected addresses after activation. These addresses will be integrated with new addresses, depending on the customer’s demand.

“Immediately upon activation, zcashd users were enabled with Sapling addresses. The ecosystem will need time to integrate the new addresses as demand permits.”

Today the cryptocurrencies transferred from a legacy address to the protected address values are revealed.

“This allows us to audit the monetary base of ZEC held in shielded addresses. We are developing a tool to automate the migration of funds in a way that allows users to minimize the impact on their privacy. We recommend that users wait for the release of this tool, if feasible.”

Sapling hard-fork aims to increase adoption and improve user privacy

“Making shielded addresses ubiquitous is at the heart of our mission. ‘Empowering everyone’ is more than just words to our team. In fact, it is the light that guides our sense of purpose and direction as we continue to innovate, create and experiment. We look forward to future milestones, outlined in our operational roadmap, that showcase how privacy is a pathway to economic freedom and opportunity. “


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