Yale Endowment Invests in $400 Million Crypto Venture Fund


Top U.S. university Yale is gaining exposure to the blockchain. The Ivy League school’s endowment has made an allocation to a pair of cryptocurrency venture funds. This raises the interest level among U.S. educational institutions in crypto to a whole new level.

Academic institutions around the world are now using blockchain technology. Courses are increasingly being offered on the functionality of the blockchain and even investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency projects, meanwhile, are investing in crypto sector education. In addition, some universities are storing degrees and certificates on the blockchain.

Crypto Investments for Diversification

Yale, one of the world’s leading universities, is now entering the crypto sector. As reported by Bloomberg, the Yale endowment’s investment team has chosen to invest two crypto funds, Andreessen Horowitz and Paradigm. Thanks in part to Yale’s allocation, Paradigm was reportedly able to raise more than $400 million in total for the fund.

The Paradigm fund was launched by Coinbase Co-Founder Fred Ehrsam. It is supported by ex-Sequoia Capital partner Matt Huang and ex-Pantera Capital employee Charles Noyes.

Paradigm will invest primarily in small, emerging startups operating in the blockchain and crypto areas. Through its investment in the funds, Yale will help to finance innovative crypto startups around the world.

Yale Endowment Boasts $30 billion

So far, Yale has kept silent about the scope of the investment. It’s been reported, however, that the Yale University Endowment is worth approximately $30 billion. It’s the largest endowment fund worldwide after the Harvard endowment. For the year 2019, about 60% of the Yale endowment’s investments are earmarked for alternative investments.

Yale is the first major U.S. university to invest heavily in cryptocurrencies. The fact that this investment is unfolding through venture funds also shows how institutional investors are still shying away from directly entering the crypto market.


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