Who Will Be Speaking In Blockchain Super Conference?

Who Will Be Speaking In Blockchain Super Conference?

Blockchain super conference is an upcoming conference in Canada focusing on the new technological advancements in blockchain technology. It gives an opportunity to meet with the leaders of the technology hailing from diverse areas such as Research and development, Government, law, Business, and education. The conference aims to provide an opportunity to network with leading experts on the subject and get exposed to new ideas. This conference is one of a kind with attendees from all over the world.

The conference gives you first-hand interaction with CEOs, Government thought leaders, Blockchain education community. You can explore the inner workings of successful blockchain companies that lead the future innovations. The conference provides an interactive and intimate setting to explore new ideas and gain business insights. It hosts the best speakers, master classes from creative experts and a killer closing party.

The key speakers are as follows:

Gary Schwartz – He is the Managing director of Pegasus Fintech. An accomplished author, he has studied in Columbia and Stanford. He is the recipient of Deloitte Fast 50 for a record six times. He is in the fellowship of Asia & Japan Foundation.

Valentin Schmid – He is the business editor of Epoch times which is the largest independent Chinese media organization. It publishes magazines in 21 languages and 35 countries.

Cathy Tie – She is the founder & partner of Cervin Ventures. She has won the Thiel Fellowship during her formative years. She is an accomplished Blockchain analyst who has done multiple talks on the subject in various conferences. Cathy has advised many startups working on Blockchain technology.

Oleg Ivanov – He is the founder of Crypto Bazar. Crypto Bazar is one of the largest venture funds focusing on cryptocurrency in Eastern Europe. It is one of the top three largest platforms in Russia that invests in promising startups. The company also provides advice and accelerator programs for startups that want to make it big in the crypto space.

With so many experts and crypto celebrities attending the conference, it is sure to be a huge boost to the cryptocurrency space. If you want to have an in-depth view of what is happening new in Blockchain, then you need to attend the Blockchain Super Conference.


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