What will be the price of cryptocurrency in coming 5 years? Predictions based on neural analysis

Here, we will provide you Top 5 predictions about the price of cryptocurrency in coming 5 years.


  1. Bitcoin Price Prediction: It will cross $100,000 per bitcoin

    In 2017, Bitcoin surpassed $10,000 mark easily. However, due to hack of South Korean exchange and some other reasons, the price of Bitcoin has remained lowest in the last six months. Bitcoin is the most popular coin in the market right now. According to the details, the daily transaction volume of Bitcoin is around 100x which has raised a lot as compared to the last year.

    As per details, before some days, people believe that Bitcoin has reached the resistance level of $6,850. But, the price of the Bitcoin again drops. However, in the near future, the price of Bitcoin will gain the momentum and will cross $10,000 mark again in less than a year. In the upcoming 5 years, it is expected that it will be 5X more as compared to today.

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2. Fully Decentralized Exchanges

A large number of companies believe in order to face challenges of building a liquid and deep market, we will require decentralized system. Currently running centralized system who are earning a lot of profit, will soon see how various businesses accept the decentralized system.

Once the whole market is fully decentralized, users will be able to make transactions quickly and effectively.

3. New Organizations, Profits normal

With the increase in liquidity, both employees, as well as risk capital, will force various entrepreneurs to skip registering their company in the local domain.

Apart from this, a large number of organizations will be created without profit for an explicit purpose. Economic activities will be organized well by an organization which looks towards the benefit of the public. However, for-profit organizations will have less profit as they will only work for themselves.

4. Nations will struggle with Tax Collection

Governments are presently leaning various aspects of cryptocurrency. However, they don’t know how Cryptocurrency will be a threat to them. Governments need taxes in order to run the nation. If a large number of people invest in the crypto-coins that will be a huge issue with the government.

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5. Consumer Satisfaction will not be important in the early stages

Most number of exchanges will then become decentralized. For example, Decentralized rider-driver matching will replace uber. Various critics believe that there won’t be faster transactions. Currently, uber is working very hard in order to maintain supply and demand of the market. As per details, it is too much difficult for a decentralized protocol to provide jobs to non-tech-savvy drives in less time.  


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