Waltonchain Becomes The First Company To Introduce Blockchain in The Clothing Industry

Waltonchain Becomes The First Company To Introduce Blockchain in The Clothing Industry

Waltonchain is a China-based cryptocurrency company which aims to develop products based on blockchain and IoT(Internet of Things). Blockchain technology is being used in many industries like Voting, Sharing rides, Messaging applications, Infrastructure security, advertising on the Internet and many more.

Clothing sector will soon come under the umbrella of blockchain used industries. You may be excited to know as to how clothes use blockchain and what is the use? Read on to the end of the article to find out all the information.


Waltonchain has partnered with KALTENDIN to make world’s first clothing system to use blockchain system to achieve traceability and quality check. Specially designed RFID chips are used in clothes. They have the ability to give statistics on how often clothes were bought, used and worn. But what is the use with these reports?

Marketing Strategy

Take the example of YouTube and Instagram. You generally sign in and browse through content. The next time you visit the site or refresh it, you will start seeing the similar content of other YouTube channels. Browsing history is recorded but is not under observation. Based on browsing history, algorithms will search and place related videos for users to see.

Similarly, RFID chips will track the activities. The data is recorded. Based on the data, few questions can be answered like:

What type of clothes do most people like?

How often people buy clothes on average?

What styles and patterns of clothing do people like most?

This analysis is better for marketing purposes. A report can be generated with the data obtained from chips. Based on that, companies can advertise more often on that specific cloth styles and attract more people.

Furthermore, they also stated that the chips would also be used in tracking shipments to ensure quality products will reach to customers.

Note: WTC-Garment system is not market ready yet. Waltonchain released announcements regarding the features too. However, this company is the first one to use blockchain technology with clothes.

More updates regarding the system are expected in the future. WTC-Garment system is helpful to develop strategies for improving the sales.


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