US Authority Warns of Bitcoin Scam in Adultery

US authority warns

The Federal Trade Commission, a US-based agency, warns consumers to protect themselves from Bitcoin Scam. At the moment, there is a fraud system in which blackmailers claim they have information about alleged adultery or other dark secrets – and demand payment in Bitcoin.

Who does not know the e-mails from the ominous Nigerian princes? They have inherited a huge fortune and now they need a bit of money, which you should transfer them to. So that they can pay back twice and three times.

The Internet seems to have opened the door for various fraud systems. Where else will it be possible to find so many potential victims in such a short span of time? Especially in the crypto scene, scams are still common practice. There is the now well-known Ether-Scam, who stubbornly sticks to Twitter & Co. Time and again stock exchanges are hacked and the authorities continue to investigate against ever-emerging ICO scams. Nothing new, you should think before taking any step.

And yet, there are always interesting scams that people come up with to make other people’s money easier. Brand-new: Scammers cheat scammers. The Federal Trade Commission, an independent US agency committed to fighting unfair trading, warns of a new Bitcoin scam. According to this, fraudsters are calling for alleged adulterers to pay them hush money – and this only in Bitcoin:

“I know the secret that you have before your wife and everyone else. You can ignore this letter or pay me $ 8,600 confidentiality fee. “

The scammers are obviously kind enough to give a detailed guide on how to buy Bitcoin and then on how to ship it. The Federal Trade Commission advises: who gets such e-mails should report this as soon as possible to the police or the FBI. They will take care of it then.


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