The social media wars may have gone cold, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wouldn’t resist a chance to pick on Facebook if he gets a chance. He recently poked fun at the new branding of Facebook, especially its new corporate logo and its all-caps design.

Jack Is Anything but Impressed

In a Tuesday tweet, Dorsey destroyed Facebook’s new logo and wrote “Twitter from TWITTER.” He was pointing out how Facebook is changing the way it handles numerous brands under its aegis. Recently, the company started adding “from Facebook” with all its apps. The new logo was unveiled on Monday which, surprisingly, had a generic font which would change colors to represent different brands under the company. It flashes blue for Facebook, green for WhatsApp and pink for Instagram. The company hoped to better represent all its brands via the new logo.

The 180-degree Difference

Dorsey’s feud with Facebook is not new. Earlier this month, Dorsey denied joining Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra with a resounding “hell no.” Last week, Twitter announced that it would ban all political advertising on its platform. The news came just minutes before an earnings call by Facebook.

At the time, Dorsey said that the ban has nothing to do with free speech. He was referring to Facebook and its longstanding problems with political campaigns. CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that a ban on political campaigns is against free speech. He said that private companies should not censor news and politicians.

Whether Dorsey likes it or not, Facebook is trying to incorporate its products into its branding and distinguish the core Facebook network from other platforms. The company’s latest attempt at representing itself as a diverse parent company will find increased visibility in the days to come.


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