TRON Will Soon Be Available on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit And Kakao

The cooperation between TRON and Seedit

TRON is making good progress in terms of global adoption, although this is not reflected in the current price. The cooperation between TRON and Seedit should make it possible to send and receive TRX via various social networks.

TRON is working to integrate Seedit into their platform. The Seedit TRON payment platform will soon appear on Twitter. This will allow Twitter users to send and receive TRX around the world through various social media platforms.

Seedit is a payment system based on the TRON Blockchain. Transactions should be able to be sent and received almost in real time. Seedit should continue to be able to send TRX with simple commands via other platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Reddit or Kakao. This would significantly contribute to an adaptation of TRON.

Although Seedit confirmed that the test phase is over, but there is still no exact date for the final release. In the last few days and weeks, a lot has happened in the TRON community and the main focus is on the spread of digital currency and technology.

TRON announced recently that it can be used as an official currency on Pornhub. Tron has followed the trend set aside by Verge in collaboration with HummingPay. HummingPay is a blockchain based payment solution provider which is considered as the most secure payment gateway.  This system is designed to promote the spread of TRON as a payment method worldwide.

The price of TRON moves in the same way as the current market trend, so that the fall in price within the last 24 hours to – 10.47 percent amounts to a price of 0.023 USD. With a market capitalization of just under USD 1.48 billion, TRON occupies number 10th position amongst the largest cryptocurrencies in the world.


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