TRON (TRX) Launches Project Atlas, Enters File-Sharing Sector

tron project atlas

TRON is attempting to apply blockchain technology to the world of filesharing with the launch of Project Atlas.  TRON actually acquired BitTorent back in July, a move that surprised many in the cryptocurrency community.  It is clear now that TRON wishes to utilize BitTorent’s 100 million monthly active users to offer a more efficient and transparent blockchain-based way to exchange media.

TRON: Decentralizing Content

One of the reasons that many people consider blockchain technology so valuable is its ability to cut out the “middlemen” in many industries.  For example, many consider it revolutionary when it comes to the global payments sector. Blockchain Technology allows for an alternative from traditional finance institutions. These often take excessive fees to send money from one user to another.

Similarly, it would appear TRON is interesting in cutting out the middlemen when it comes to content creation, considering that BitTorent is a platform that involves sharing files using peer-to-peer technology.  It was also revealed that the project would incentivize users with TRON tokens to make sure that the file sharing process is more seamless, and to encourage optimization.

The project also doesn’t involve mining cryptocurrency, whatsoever. It appears as though several employees have exited BitTorent as a result of the TRON acquisition, as well.

Tron Developments

TRON has been busy, and the CEO of the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, recently held a live stream to update investors and the cryptocurrency community on the latest developments and updates.

They also launched the first video game on the TRON blockchain, in association with BitGuild. The game is called Magic Academy and empowers users by allowing them to purchase and exchange digital assets using TRON tokens. Specifically, the game centers around wizards.

The company wants to use the blockchain ecosystem as a way to help users have a secure way of proving digital ownership and proof of scarcity. And making the gaming world a more efficient and secure place for digital assets in general.


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