TRON to cooperate with Baidu: New Blockchain Project


A few days ago, Justin Sun announced via Twitter that a new gigantic collaboration with a multi-billion dollar company was imminent. Crypto Experts suspected the likes of Alibaba, Google or Baidu to be the new partner for TRON.

Now, the TRON Foundation confirmed that TRON will work together with Baidu and major cloud service providers. The goal of this collaboration is to make blockchain solutions accessible to medium and small businesses, thereby driving the adoption of this new technology.

TRON & Baidu: Blockchain as a service

TRON and Baidu will provide complete software solutions to offer “blockchain-as-a-service” solutions in a bundled package. This will be a free business service offered to innovative companies, so they can get the most out of blockchain technology.

Baidu and TRON will build the complete infrastructure. This infrastructure can be used with a variety of possible deployment scenarios. It will enable developers to build, test, and run distributed applications in the cloud.

This collaboration is not a sole case in the industry. The retail giant also offers Amazon Web Services (AWS) in partnership with Qtum. This partnership facilitates or enables the use of enterprise blockchain technologies.

The effect of this news on the price of TRON (TRX) was rather modest. TRX saw a small increase of + 1.59 percent to a price of $US 0,024. With a market capitalization of $US 1.6 billion, TRON ranks 11th among the largest cryptocurrencies in the world.


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