TRON: New Messaging dApp TronChat Rewards Users For Interactions With TRX

TronChat Rewards Users

The heavyweights in the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube sector are recording billions in sales at dizzying heights. With its new decentralized application TronChat, TRON wants to drive the monetization of social media with the help of blockchain technology.

TronChat is a distributed application that will be a next-generation social media platform designed to democratize the TRON network through peer-to-peer interaction payments, according to the latest blog post.

The platform will include familiar features such as status updates, premium news, private chat rooms and some selected features from competitors such as Instagram, Venmo and Telegram. The development team behind the app explains their vision that social media was never designed to make money:

“Social media was never built to make money. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others have been created solely for the purpose of generating profits for the platforms based on your user activity and personal information. TronChat was created to address this paradigm and allow users to make money from their daily interactions with social media. “

This is a clear challenge to the industry leader and a promise to the TRON community to be rewarded for interactions.

TronChat wants to allow users to monetize every aspect of their site and posts through TRX transactions. When sharing content, users have the option to mark their posts with an unlocked price to earn some money for content production.

The Developers Explain:

“Easily create your content and choose how much TRX will cost your viewers to unlock the post. Premium content is completely optional! This can be done per post and users can charge TRX for subscriptions to premium profiles. Followers can simply flip TRX on posts they like. This provides video artists with a variety of new ways to earn real money for their work. “

TronChat hopes to use intelligent features to become the blockchain killer app that will allow followers to support their favorite content producers through TRX donations, thus providing long-term support for their future activities.

The development of the dApp is only 60% completed and it is currently looking for more investors to bring the project final for iOS and Android on the market. We are excited and will continue to pursue the project.

The price of TRX recorded a minimal increase of + 3.07 percent to a price of 0.021 USD at the time of writing. With a market capitalization of just under $1.41 billion, TRON occupies 12th place in the world’s largest cryptocurrencies.


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