TRON meets with fourth largest software manufacturer in the world

TRON oracle

After announcing a collaboration with Baidu in the field of cloud computing, it seems as TRON is making the next step. TRON met with software company Oracle in San Francisco.

The TRON ecosystem is growing and thriving, although cryptocurrency prices are trending downwards in recent weeks. The TRON Foundation did meet the world’s fourth largest software company (based on annual sales), Oracle, at TRON headquarters in San Francisco.

In July of this year, Oracle announced the launch of its own Blockchain cloud service, providing companies with an all-in-one solution for easy implementation of blockchain technology. In doing so, companies are spared the tedious task of setting up a suitable infrastructure.

TRON & Oracle: Future Collaboration?

The meeting did focus on exploring opportunities and potential synergies to enable and optimize the tokenization of assets on the blockchain, as well as the use of smart contracts. Justin Sun did talk about a possible future collaboration. However, for the time being there is no official confirmation of a contractual agreement. Nevertheless, this is a positive sign to possibly have another tech giants on TRON’s side.

TRON is already working with the search engine giant Baidu. This cooperation opens up a lot of possibilities in the field of cloud computing and the potential use of the blockchain. The common goal of this effort is to offer “blockchain-as-a-service” in a bundled service package for companies of all sizes.

The price of TRON did not respond positively to this news. It dropped 2,7% during the last 24 hours to a price of 0,023$US per TRX. TRON is the eleventh biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with a market cap of 1.57 billion $US.


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