TRON has more registered accounts than EOS


TRON is growing and growing, reaching the next Milestone. Just yesterday, TRON founder Justin Sun announced that the number of registered TRON accounts exceeds that of EOS. He also announced the launch of BitTorrent Play

As reported earlier this week, TRON’s average daily volume of transactions increased to about one third of that of Ethereum. The number of registered accounts on the TRON Blockchain is also increasing. As of now, there are more than 301,000 registered accounts. According to and, TRON has more registered accounts than EOS by now.

The number of accounts did gradually increased since the launch of the Mainnet and the availability of the official TRON Portal. According to data from, there are more than one million TRX owners. However, not all of them have a registered account. Some token holders do store their coins on exchanges. As always, there is a significant discrepancy between token owners and actual users.

BitTorrent Play – Content Sharing Platform

BitTorrent Play was launched just a few days ago. The Platform lets users experience music and videos on their mobile phones, offering unknown artists the opportunity to share their own content on the platform. As for now, BitTorrent Play is only available on IOS.

Justin Sun explained in an interview that there will exist a “custom token” within the BitTorrent network, giving users an incentive to participate in the network. According to his latest statements, all users sharing files or content on BitTorrent will receive tokens, based on the bandwidth they provide.

With the project still being in development, the application seems to be future proof for applications like BitTorrent Play. But this could be only one of the multiple goals of TRONs’ purchase of BitTorrent.

At the time of writing, TRON’s price is being negotiated 0,024 $US, a -2% decline compared to yesterday. With a market capitalization of 1,6 Billion $US, TRON occupies the 13th place in the ranking of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world.


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