TRON Follows The Trend Set Aside By Verge As A Means of Payment on Pornhub : Hummingpay Coordinates

As A Means of Payment on Pornhub : Hummingpay Coordinates

After the cryptocurrency Verge created a huge hype regarding the supposedly secret partnership with the Pornhub network, TROX has also been integrated as a possible payment method on the Pornhub website for 24 hours. Furthermore, TRON is coordinating with HummingPay, to promote the TRON adaptation worldwide.

As we reported some time ago, Verge has been added to the adult entertainment network Mindgeek, which includes the Pornhub website, as a possible method of payment for some consideration. Verge received immense popularity but also fierce criticism.

TRON founder and CEO, Justin Sun, announced via Twitter that TRX can now also be used to pay for Pornhub. In addition, even a detailed guide was written, as an account has to be specially set up for it. The instructions are available at this link.

In addition, TRON has partnered with the payment service provider HummingPay to drive TRON’s global adoption. HummingPay is a global decentralized blockchain payment network that provides innovative payment services to individuals and businesses.

The cooperation is expected to contribute to the spread of the crypto-currency TRX. The company HummingPay is said to be used in many industries and therefore, a large critical mass of potential users can be achieved.

A few days ago, Bitnovo announced that TRX can be purchased in 20,000 stores in Italy and Spain. As we have already reported, this is an indirect purchase as it is possible to purchase coupons in the shop. Yet, it contributes to the dissemination of TRON and the crypto market.

Since the launch of our own blockchain, the TRON project is constantly evolving, so we are curious what further steps will follow in the future, including the purchase of the BitTorrent platform.

The price of TRON  within the last 24h has a minimum setback of 2.04 percent to a price of 0.029 USD. With a market capitalization of just under 1.937 billion, TRON ranks 11th among the largest cryptocurrencies in the world.


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