TRON and Cardano have no plans to work together in the future

TRON Cardano

The cryptocommunity was surprised when Charles Hoskinson recommended TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, to use Mantis for TRON’s Blockchain. Some speculators saw this as the occasion for a planned future cooperation between the two teams. However, Charles Hoskinson now makes it clear that there will be no partnership whatsoever between the 2 projects.

A recent tweet from Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson caused a stir within the TRON crypto community. Hoskinson recommended Justin Sun to use Mantis instead of Ethereum Java for its blockchain because its code base is much safer, more efficient and better.

Justin Sun thanked him, saying that TRON wants to build the best blockchain in the world. The news spread on Twitter like wildfire and all kinds of speculation about a supposed cooperation came up. However, Hoskinson clarifies a few hours later that there are no aspirations to establish a longer-term partnership in the future:

Ok- Final Info to prevent misunderstandings. There is no partnership or cooperation with Tron. There is no confirmation from Tron. I only recommended Justin to use Mantis because EthereumJ is not a solid or secure codebase to work with and they build on the JVM.

Hoskinson makes this clear, especially for Cardano followers, who have received a whole lot of misinformation about this partnership via Twitter.

The Mantis project is a client for Ethereum, built exclusively for Ethereum Classic. The beta version was released in August of last year. According to Hoskinson, Mantis is the most compact and elegant Ethereum Full Node, covering just under 12,000 lines of code.

Within the last 24h a Cardano registered a price increase of 17.21 percent to a price of 0.15 $US. With a market capitalization of 4 billion Dollars, Cardano ranks seventh in the world’s largest cryptocurrencies.


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