Toyota wants to use Blockchain for advertising

toyota blockchain

Blockchain technology prevails not only in the financial sector and the IT industry. Automotive manufacturers also appreciate the technical capabilities of the system, whose history of success began with Bitcoin. Toyota announced optimizations of its advertising activities in the digital world by using Blockchain.

First blockchain attempt ended successfully

Only recently, the group from Japan had a noticeable increase in the number of hits on the company website. The trigger was a creative advertising campaign in which the blockchain was used. This “surprise success” was apparently so great that the automotive group now tackles various other activities in the field of ad buying. according to reports in relevant specialist portals.

The company is not investing investing on a large scale in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Litecoin. However, the general popularity of blockchain technology is sign of the increased adaption.

Collaboration with analytics professionals significantly increased page views

According to automotive giant Toyota, the increasing website visits are just one argument for upcoming extensive blockchain-related campaigns. According to the group, the fact that fraud in the advertising segment can be prevented through blockchain also speaks in favor of taking this innovative route.

The first test run brought success for the company. Toyota worked with the blockchain analytics company Lucidity. The partner Lucidity was primarily responsible for analyses with special software. The evaluations should identify irregularities and “domain spoofing” as a means for fraud. Bot traffic can be excluded.

The results – 20% Increase in Website visitors

From sites and mobile apps that detected bot stakes and advertising fraud, the company was able to redirect funds to use the advertising budget more efficiently. 20% more visits on the company website. Perhaps this could set a new trend within the automotive industry and other industries for blockchain investments.


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