The World’s Top 5 Cryptocurrency Billionaires


Cryptocurrency has moved from fringe to mainstream with nearly as much rapidity as its value trendline continues to rise despite fluctuations. Governments, analysts, and commentators are taking cryptocurrencies more seriously, and Forbes’s publication of a list of top cryptocurrency billionaires is proof of that.

Who is Making the Money?

For the business savvy, it will come as no surprise that the top crypto billionaires are primarily the heads of blockchain companies. Forbes magazine says that it made the list to foster transparency – a factor that will allow cryptocurrencies to move towards “financial maturity.”

While it is true that many smaller investors have cashed in on cryptocurrency growth, these are the billionaires who are both harvesting from, and boosting, the bottom line.

  1. Ripple Co-Founder Tops Forbes’s Listing

Chris Larsen’s fortune was made in Ripple, the cryptocurrency he helped get off the ground. He is reported to have 5.2 billion in XRP, Ripple’s own cryptocurrency. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

  1. Ethereum Cofounder Joseph Sachs Trades Goldman Sachs for Crypto Gold

Joseph Lubin may once have been a top executive in that bastion of conservatism, Goldman Sachs, but that didn’t stop him from recognizing the potential of cryptocurrency projects. Today, his rumoured $5 billion fortune is primarily in cryptocurrency.

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Founder Holds Massive Crypto Investments

Changpeng Zhao is the former CEO of one of the world’s largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges. According to Forbes, he may have as much as $2 billion in crypto investments. With such confidence from an investor who has a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies, those of us with fewer resources at our disposal may well decide to follow his lead.

  1. Digital Bank CEO and Former Hedge Fund Guru Remains a Billionaire

Michael Novogratz was already a millionaire before the 2007 recession hit. Today, his financial worth is estimated at between $700 million and $1 billion. Could digital assets have become this financial professional, whose hedge fund specialty is equated with caution have thrown caution to the winds? It seems unlikely.

  1. Coin Project Funder Rakes in Profits

Brock Pierce may have started as a child-actor, but now he has moved from fictional drama to real-life excitement thanks to his funding of crypto-related businesses. HE is believed to have assets to the value of $1 billion.

Will You Become a Billionaire?

To be honest, investment in cryptocurrency is much like other investments. Those who can afford the most will also make the greatest gains and compound them. No investment is free of risk, but as every entrepreneur knows, there’s no profit unless you’re willing to take risks.

The top five cryptocurrency billionaires are evidence of fact that traditionally conservative financial sector experts are putting their worth into cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-related companies, and blockchain.


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