The Situation on Monday: What Bitcoin Can Do?

What Bitcoin Can Do?

Bitcoin – The situation on Monday has led to a stir in the entire cryptosystem. Kaspersky uncovered an extremely brazen crypto scam – the authors suspect the security researchers in North Korea. Meanwhile, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is putting in big words while Thailand is working on its own cryptocurrency. In the meantime, bounced BitMEX users romp on Twitter.

One of the things Bitcoin can do is stir it up. And that is slowly but surely spilling over in all directions. For a while, all the traders and holders are fascinated by the Bitcoin price. Heiko Maas, albeit unintentionally, has made a plea for cryptocurrencies. At least we put it that way. Speaking of political issues, Thailand is currently working on its own cryptocurrencies – much like (neighboring) Liechtenstein. The whole thing crowns the latter with a security token, which provides a stable floor for a wide-ranging adaptation of the blockchain technology. And where did it all start? To a large extent, Satoshi Nakamoto’s White Paper, with which he wanted one thing above all: to stir up the global financial system.

The Thing with BitMEX

Speaking of the builder of this great architecture called Bitcoin, it looks like he or she does not seem to be a Bitcoin millionaire. All this has been found out by the now somewhat discredited stock exchange BitMEX. And shortly after they presented their research results, it turned out to be a scandal. After an (apparently announced) break, the stock exchange that traded derivatives for cryptocurrencies was suddenly under a DDOS attack. The consequence, Users could not log in. Subsequently, manipulation allegations arose quite quickly – some users may now look for alternatives. Especially since the farce happened accidentally when BitMEX just moved into the most expensive offices in the world. Whether coincidence or not, it turns out that Bitcoin can do one thing above all else: Stir up.

The good old US Securities and Exchange Commission also has its hands full with the cryptocurrency. Although the Securities and Exchange Commission zealously put the bureaucrats together, the regulatory soup still does not want to succeed. Because after the provisional cancellation of the Bitcoin ETF, the SEC decided quickly again around: One wants to perhaps think over the whole thing again.

The Bitcoin Course

And the Bitcoin course? It is relatively unimpressed, especially compared to last year. (If you can say that about courses). So, last week, there was a gentle increase of almost five percent as per the records. It staggers slightly between the 6,000- and 7,000-US-dollar mark and can be – contrary to the environment – not stir up too much.


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