The Russian Military is Creating a Blockchain Research Facility To Fight Cyber Attacks.

The Russian Military is Creating a Blockchain Research Facility To Fight Cyber Attacks

Blockchain technology is like the newer version of the internet. This technology cannot be controlled by any single entity and has no single point of failure. It is an interesting technology. Digital currencies like bitcoin are also part of Blockchain technology.

Since this is an interesting technology, developed nations like Russia and the USA are keeping a close eye on it. The Military of Russia federation is looking towards to use this technology in their plans. A local Russian newspaper reported that the Russian military is going to start a research lab to find out how this Blockchain technology can be used for defense purposes.

Russia’s Military technology accelerator, named “ERA,” is going to supervise a research lab which will

find out how the Blockchain technology can be used to prevent cyber attacks in the near future and will use this technology to optimize cybersecurity, according to Russian newspaper Izvestia.

The newspaper also reported that this lab would be responsible for protecting the nation’s sensitive data and files from hackers. The ERA has already started developing the lab and has begun forming a team of the nation’s top security experts.

Hackers often try to hide their tracks from where they have accessed the unauthorized data. If the user logs are stored on a single database, hackers can quickly remove them from a database. But, it is tough to cover tracks if the logs are stored on distributed devices.

A cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Labs, Alexei Malanov stated that whenever some tried to access the unauthorized data or an intrusion happens, the attacker tries to clear all the locating logs on them, so that they can hide their tracks. But if we use a log which is distributed at several devices like we use in Blockchain, one can minimize such risks.

A former technology adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Klimenko stated:

“Blockchain technology is an effective modern too that is the reason various civil organizations have started using it and it can be quite useful for the military.”

The new Blockchain lab will automatically come under the surveillance of the Russian Federation’s 8th Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. The lab will be placed on 17 acres of land in the city named Anapa near the northern coast of the Black Sea.



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