Supreme Court of Russia orders to review the ban on a Bitcoin website

Russia has been against the Bitcoin for quite some time now, also the Eurasian country has been quite open when expressing repugnance towards the cryptocurrency. This resulted in several Bitcoin-related websites getting blocked by ISPs. However, The Supreme Court of Russia has ordered the St. Petersburg City Court to review its appeal for a blockade.

A few years back, when almost every single country worldwide was accepting cryptocurrencies, Russia had contrasting views. The Russian government was already against cryptocurrency, however now it seems to have gone in the opposite direction, as the Supreme Court has ordered the Vyborgsky District Court of St. Petersburg to review its appeal of blocking a Bitcoin-related website. In this case, it relates to the website called, which has attracted quite an audience towards the Eurasian country.

Prosecutors wrote an application to the court, requesting it to get the website blocked. In the application, prosecutors said that they were concerned over the fact, that the site has been giving information on Bitcoin, which was in clear violation of the Russian legislation. This decision has caused a controversy in the country that would be hosting the Fifa World Cup 2018.

Given the fact that the Supreme Court of Russia has now gotten involved, this story has been making headlines once again. The St. Petersburg City Court has been given an order by the Supreme Court of Russia to review the appeal against this blockade because apparently, the owner of the blocked website never really had a chance of participating in the hearings. Given the sensitive nature of the eventual decision, this seems to be quite the gross blunder.

Would the appeal really work?

In comparison to 2016, Russia has significantly changed its opinions for the crypto world. In fact, the country has been focussing more on developing the blockchain technology. In order to improve their acceptance for Blockchain, President Vladamir Putin went so far as to having a meeting with the 24-year-old Ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin to proceed further with the CryptoRuble plans. Although, it may seem like the overall sentiment on cryptocurrencies is a bit more positive but still a launching a national cryptocurrency is quite different from accepting decentralized currencies like Bitcoin.

Getting this court decision overturned will by no means be an easy task. As it would cause a havoc amongst similar websites that were blocked, could possibly start protesting as well.

Currently, no detail has been provided which indicates to when the St. Petersburg City Court will review this matter and render its verdict. However, the involvement of the Russian Supreme Court does indeed raise a lot of eyebrows.

Cryptocurrencies have indeed made headlines in almost every country be it good or bad, companies do not opt to shut their operations if they get banned in one country, they simply migrate all operations in another country.


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