Strong Growth after BitTorrent Purchase by Ethereum Killer TRON

Ethereum killer TRON

Following the TRON Foundation’s acquisition of BitTorrent, there have been a number of heated debates about the alleged goals of the acquisition. BitTorrent itself speaks of a strong growth since the takeover. Furthermore, the virtual machine should be ready for use by the end of August.

By acquiring BitTorrent, Justin Sun wants to use its protocol to make the Internet more decentralized. Introduced in 2001, the BitTorrent protocol is a data transfer protocol based on a peer-to-peer network. According to a recent blog post by the TRON Foundation, the protocol is still up to date and once transmitted 40% of daily Internet traffic.

There have been rumors in recent days that some employees have quit on the acquisition of TRON. Believing the official sources of BitTorrent, the company has grown strongly since the acquisition. The team was able to gain 16 new employees, with 5 members looking for new “training opportunities”.Regardless of what motivates employees to leave, TRON Founder Justin Sun has announced that TRON’s Virtual Machine (VM) will launch on August 30. He could not resist a swipe at the self-proclaimed archenemy Ethereum.

In an interview with The Crypto Lark, Sun states that developers are working hard to develop the VM, and he is confident that the environment created will attract many developers, not least because of the 80x, the speed of the developer TRON Blockchain opposite Ethereum‘s:

“Basically, the entire infrastructure will be ready by the end of August and I hope we will have a very exciting Tron DApp environment afterwards. Our speed is 80 times faster than Ethereum, so any problems in the Ethereum network in the Tron network will not be the same. So I expect to have a great developer experience after starting on August 30th

The virtual machine provides developers with a sandbox that allows them to create distributed applications that read and run Smart Contracts on the Tron network. This environment is said to provide perfect conditions to provide the world’s largest and best place for creating decentralized applications. The crypto market experienced a short-lived upturn this morning, due to the maintenance of the Exchange BitMex.

The price of TRON has increased slightly over the last 24 hours by + 1.91 percent to a price of 0.021 USD.  With a market capitalization of just under $ 1.4 billion, TRON occupies the 12th largest cryptocurrency worldwide.


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