Stellar Lumens-based, decentralized voting system published by Smartlands

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Stellar Lumens has made numerous partnerships and has attracted attention over the past few weeks. The platform of Smartlands has now introduced a decentralized voting system based on the Stellar Lumens Blockchain.

Smart country yesterday announced that it has established the first voting system in Stellar network on the Smartlands platform which provides Möglichkeitet vote simultaneously on several topics.

In-system tuning is implemented with built-in token functions based on the Stellar network and provides distributed governance principles.

By using Blockchain technology, the results are protected against counterfeiting and manipulation

The voting system will provide open and close voting questions. Multiple choice votes can be made in combination with any number of answers.

The cost of using the system is very low, as the costs within the Stellar Lumens utility turns out to be very less with a one-cent transaction fee to carry out 100,000 transactions.

The advantages of the Smartland decentralized management electoral system are as follows:

  • The use of blockchain technology ensures transparency and security against counterfeiting
  • Increased efficiency in the process of decision making and
  • Possibility of creating new types of investment instruments, which will facilitate the smaller companies to have access to open financial markets.

For all interested parties, there is a  guideline that explains how surveys can be carried out in detail.

Stellar Lumens has a superior and a more secure infrastructure which has facilitated them in gaining the attention of various top end App developers. It will not be boasting, if we say that Stellar Lumens can be regarded as a better option to Ethereum. The price of Stellar Lumens has fallen within the last 24h, falling 5.88% at the time of writing (11:30 am) to a price of 0.209 euros. With a market capitalization of just under 3.9 billion euros, Stellar occupies 6th place in the largest cryptocurrencies worldwide.


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