State of Ohio Sees Future in Blockchain Technology

Ohio government spokesman

Ohio government spokesman Ryan Smith said at a news conference on August 23rd, that the US state wants to rely on blockchain technology in the future. Thus, the government recognizes that distributed ledger technology (DLT) already has many applications and can simplify numerous processes.

The Press Conference was attended by the members of the US State and General Assembly as well as by the law, business and science representatives. Not only did Smith point out areas that could benefit from the blockchain technology, but also pointed towards concrete ways to implement them. First and foremost, however, he wanted to show Ohio’s openness to the new technology in order to invite blockchain developers and entrepreneurs to the US state.

Ohio As a Blockchain Hub?

Just last month, Governor John Kasich had signed a bill, which regulates that blockchain transactions in Ohio are allowed. Earlier this year, Ohio’s bill of law stated that a record or contract backed by blockchain technology is considered for electronic and electronic record keeping. What sounds banal was the first step needed to officially legalize the blockchain and invest heavily in technology. Government spokesman Smith is euphoric about this:

“I am convinced that [the Blockchain technology] can make the Ohio government more transparent, efficient and secure in this digital age.”

He also suggested that DLT could be used to secure birth certificates and marriage licenses. But the economy could also benefit from the transparency and immutability of the technology. Above all, he wants to work with universities to encourage students to get involved early in the new technology. In addition, new fields of activity could be created for the future. Smith firmly believes that Ohio can become its blockchain hub. He thinks he has hit the right moment:

“Because this is so new and it’s just taking shape, we can bring Ohio forward.”

However, Ohio is far from the first state to recognize the benefits of Blockchain. So New York already has the ambitious goal of becoming Blockchain leaders in the country. In West Virginia, the concrete application is also being used and for the first time in the USA, a blockchain-based electoral system was introduced. The immutability of the Blockchain should be stated legally in Michigan.


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