Sony announces plans to use the revolutionary Blockchain Technology

blockchain sony

In the latest development, Sony the Japanese Technology Giant is planning to implement the blockchain technology to store digital rights data.

In an application published on Thursday ( April 26th) by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Sony clarifies that the present Digital Rights Management (DRM) which aims for interoperability “may not be extremely solid and depend on one unique purpose of failure. In the event, that the rights locker provider or the system shut its operations or fails, the client loses all the obtained content.”

As per the filing, blockchain tech could prevent this by storing the necessary identification information to make sure that transparency is maintained and users could watch the products they purchase.

DRM frameworks allude to technologies that restrict access to copyright materials only to those individuals who purchase access. Sony refers to UltraViolet, a Cloud-based locker for digital rights, as one example.

The application was filed jointly by Sony and its subsidiary Sony Pictures Entertainment, and the document particularly gives the example of films as the kind of media the framework could be applied to.

Although, Sony also debated that the blockchain-based system could manage rights to “a number of different type of contents or other data, like movies, video, television, music, audio, games, medical data, scientific data, etc.”

Various possible implementations of the technology are described in the application. For instance, each and every user’s rights would be encoded on a dedicated blockchain. This ledger would then start with a genesis block, which stores identifying information regarding that particular user, at the point when the client secures rights to the specific content – by acquiring a movie download, for instance – those rights are committed on the blockchain.

Simultaneously, a “DRM computer system would confirm the rights in the blockchain and after that decode the media when required. This computer system can take distinctive structures, including a ‘DRM operator’ residing on a client’s device,” as per Sony’s statement.

Amazingly this is not the first time, where Sony has announced its plans to implement the Blockchain technology, as the Japanese technology giant has previously been looking at various applications of the technology, which includes plans to authenticate user data and manage education data.


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