At a time when true innovation in the smartphone business appears to have arrived at a standstill, Samsung is reportedly going to disrupt the scene with blockchains. According to some sources, the largest smartphone maker in the world is soon going to launch the Galaxy Note 10, which could be marketed as ‘Klaytn Phone.’

Samsung’s Klaytn Phone to Debut This Week

The name sounds unusual at first but not when you realize that it is actually a smartphone that opens the world of blockchains for the users.

The latest phone will reportedly start selling on Thursday, but it will be limited to South Korean users only. The phone will connect users to the Klaytn blockchain, and sources say the phone buyers will even be offered some amount of Klay coins, a cryptocurrency used on the Klaytn blockchain. The phone will not be any different in terms of packaging or hardware compared to the Galaxy Note 10s that the company unveiled last month.

In fact, the price of phones is also expected to be the same as its recent cousins. Sources suggest that these phones will come at a starting price of about $1,000. The phone will display Klaytn logo when turned off or on. It will have blockchain apps and wallets pre-installed for the users.

Why Is Klaytn Phone Important?

The Klaytn Phone will help Samsung get its biggest and boldest public move into digital currencies. The company has been working with blockchains but hasn’t been very public about its moves till date. Some experts even suggest that Samsung was relatively slow to join the blockchain revolution. However, as far as a blockchain-based phone is concerned, the company is far ahead of its American rival Apple.

Note that Klaytn is designed by Kakao Corp., the largest messaging app in South Korea. Samsung has also joined Ground X Corp., an organization which created the Klaytn platform and claims to bring blockchain tech in daily life. Samsung declined to comment, but the company has said that the Galaxy Fold, it’s tablet size device which can fold easily. The device will be priced at $2,000 which was expected to be out in April this year but was delayed because of some design flaws.


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