Russia Boosts Academic Approach To Crypto Tech

cryptocurrency qualification

Russia has shown its belief in the long term importance of cryptocurrency, and the technology behind it, by taking an increasingly higher academic approach to it. From September this year, students there will be able to work towards adding degrees and diplomas behind their name in both fields. That’s when the relevant higher education, including master’s degree courses, is to come on stream at three different universities there.

According to, the new courses and programs at Voronezh State University and Don State Technical University, and expansion of the existing courses at Novosibirsk State University (NSU), will swell the chances of cryptocurrency technologists getting recognized academic qualifications. The courses will include both graduate and post-graduate levels of study, and focus on a wide range of areas related to the digital economy, as well as other fields which use similar technology.

From Bachelor’s Degrees to Master’s

Voronezh has introduced a bachelor’s degree option, while at NSU an existing crypto program is to be expanded to include studies towards a master’s degree. Experts from seven different countries have been offered the chance to join their Russian counterparts in providing these opportunities by offering guest lectures in cryptography training. Those invited will include teachers from the US, countries in Europe, Scandinavia, as well as the US and India, and the course will be offered in English to accommodate students from other countries.

Don State will also be offering two technological MS level programs, initially delivered only in Russian, but expected to be offered in English in the future.

Backing Russian Digital Economy Program

The introduction of these courses supports the Russian government’s belief in the importance of the cyber economy illustrated in its Digital Economy Program approved last year. This prioritized education, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure and research as major parts of its focus. Funding for the various areas was approved in April this year.


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