Ripple unveils new financial institution that uses xRapid and can gain new partner

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Ripple’s software solutions xCurrent and xRapid are getting more and more users around the world. Ripple has unveiled another partner who relies on xRapid and its benefits. Furthermore, another large payment service provider joined RippleNet yesterday.

Ripple’s list of partners is long. So far there have been only 3 companies officially known for using xRapid. In a new overview of the software and its potential, the company Viamericas joined the number of xRapid users:

Global payment providers such as Viamericas, Cuallix, IDT, MercuryFX and others use xRapid to significantly reduce their costs and send real-time payments – an industry first. With xRapid, RippleNet customers have saved up to 70 percent of the typical cost of a transaction. XRP processing takes only three to five seconds.

Ripple introduced xRapid as a commercial product at the recent Swell 2018 crypto conference in San Francisco. Viamericas is one of the largest payment service providers in the United States, with over 76,000 locations. The company is operating in over 29 countries.

More Partners for xRapid

On top, yesterday another heavyweight in the financial industry joined RippleNet. MoneynetInt has joined the network to take advantage of the opportunities and potential of blockchain technology.


The company sees this step as an enrichment for its customers, as both costs and transaction times can be reduced:

For Moneynetint, this collaboration is a big step in the ability to provide advanced services to their customers by opening additional opportunities that were not available in the past or for which they did not have a reliable or cheap solution. Commitment to a broader customer base while minimizing risk is an important step.

Moneynetint is a UK payment service provider that enables both individuals and businesses to send money around the world at a low cost.

RippleNet continues to grow, showing that more and more companies have recognized the need to abandon old traditional technologies and try blockchain as a promising new discovery.



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