Ripple Adaptation: Pay with XRP at Amazon, Google Express or Walmart

Google Express or Walmart

The adaptation of cryptocurrencies plays an important role in proving the technology and its potential applications in practice. A Crypto online store has made an announcement on Sunday that it would add Ripple’s native cryptocurrency: XRP to the platform, paving the way for XRP to buy products.

Bitcoin Superstore announced on Sunday that from now on XRP will be integrated into the platform as a digital asset as a further payment option. This gives users the opportunity to shop and pay with XRP products in over 200,000 online shops.

This is not a direct payment method that can be selected when checking out on Amazon such as “payment on account” or “payment by credit card”, but it is possible to insert the URL of the product on and then through the checkout option on the site a product can be purchased with XRP.

At the red framed place the product URL is entered, e.g. an electric scooter from After the product has been added to the cart, you can either continue shopping or click on the checkout option.

At this juncture, you can choose the cryptocurrency with which you want to make the payment. Bitcoin Superstore already supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash and now XRP as well, which is the latest addition.

Although this type of product purchase is still relatively cumbersome, it contributes its part to the adaptation of XRP and cryptocurrencies worldwide. Bitcoin superstore is associated with over 200,000 online stores, including the industry giant Amazon.

Most recently, Ripple’s partnership with Wirex made positive headlines. Within the first 12h, more than $ 2 million deposits were registered in XRP. The Wirex debit card is accepted in many different stores. A user got a coffee with the help of Wirex and can pay with XRP.

The adaptation of Ripple’s native cryptocurrency XRP as well as other digital currencies continue to grow and will fundamentally change our lives. Cryptocurrencies have come to stay.

The price of XRP has fallen within the last 24h a reset of 5.15 percent to a price of 0.41 USD. With a market capitalization of just under 15.05 million dollars, Ripple continues to occupy 3rd place in the largest cryptocurrencies worldwide.


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