Real Estate giant relies on Stellar network to take advantage of Blockchain

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Stellar Lumens built some pioneering partnerships with global companies that capitalize on the benefits of the Stellar ecosystem. A real estate giant from Canada is now launching a new global project.

The Stellar network-based Smartlands platform has announced a real estate tokenization project being undertaken by Colliers International, a global company with offices in over 69 countries.

Blockchain as the Solution

Many companies have recognized the benefits of Blockchain, especially the Stellar Blockchain. They are increasingly using it to drive projects within their own organization. The Smartland platform is designed to turn real estate and crowdfunding capital around the world into tokens. Blockchain technology is used as a security guarantor, as well as execution technology.

Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of the Smartlands platform, describes the benefits of the new technology and its project:

“Creating liquidity for a property of any kind was always a main challenge for the real estate industry. Also, legacy finance institutions rule the real estate space with an iron fist and are showing very little willingness to let up the pressure, adopt new technologies and embrace the Zeitgeist. Smartlands Platform approached Colliers International with a ready technological solution for tokenizing ownership of the real-world assets in a fully compliant legal framework, which instantly solves virtually all problems of the real estate industry. Colliers was perceptive enough to enter the partnership immediately.”

The instance of Smartland performs a whole range of auditing tasks, legal due diligence and other preparatory procedures and processes. The partnership between Smartland and Colliers is one of many examples where traditional industries are taking advantage of the opportunities and potential of new open source technologies for cross-border payments and ownership.

Colliers manages more than $ 20 billion in assets worldwide, with a share of $ 2.3 billion in corporate revenue. Colliers has been ranked 13th by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, as one of the 100 largest companies operating outsourcing effectively and cost effectively. In addition to real estate, the company also focuses on private equity, production and agriculture.

The price of Stellar Lumens recorded a minimal price decline of -2.26 percent to a price of $ 0.24 within the last 24 hours. With a market capitalization of just under $ 4.5 billion, Stellar occupies 6th place in the world’s largest crypto currencies.


  1. But why would anyone rely on Stellar? Over the last 6 months its price volatility has been 250%. Why would you tie an unstable coin to a stable investment like real estate? There are better stablecoins that will give you liquidity with the risk of volatility.


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