Pundi X just made the first Blockchain Phone Call on the XPhone

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The first phone call using blockchain technology just happened. According to Huang Pitt, Pundi X was able to make a call, using blockchain technology. All the data for this was created by blockchain technology.

It seems that the telephony industry is about to experience a technological revolution. Phones work through radio waves and are considered an improved project over the years. However, it may be that this test of Pundi X results in new projects in the area of ​​telecommunication, involving blockchain echnology.

Pundi X managed to establish blockchain connection on XPhone device

The news was published on Medium by Pitt Huang, CEO of Pundi X. He is one of the cofounders of the company, specializing in new technologies. This was the first time a connection between telephones was created by using blockchain technology.

For the project to become a reality, Pundi X also launched a blockchain device, the XPhone. The test was conducted in front of thousands of spectators who attended the XBlockchain Summit that happened recently in Bali.

How does the device work?

XPhone is a smartphone that does not work with any other carrier on the planet. Altogether, there are five components that guarantee the total decentralization of the device. Among them are Function X OS, Function X Blockchain and the FXTP Protocol.

These are components that guarantee the full operation of the XPhone, created by Pundi X. The device uses no chips, and uses blockchain technology to operate. On the other hand, the system operates with Android 9.0. All applications listed in Google Play can be used on the XPhone. This makes the XPhone a perfect equivalent to “regular smartphones” running on Android or IOS.

Blockchain: the Future of Cell Phones?

As many others, the phone industry is run by a small numbers of companies, acting either as manufacturers or system providers. This recent move by PundiX might be the first step into decentralizing the whole industry, by using blockchain technology.


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