Operation TRON Storm Turns Pope And Kanye West Into “TRX Testers”

Operation TRON Storm has enabled the TRX holders

Operation TRON Storm has enabled the TRX holders to Tip celebrities via Twitter. Within the TRON ecosystem, many projects have been implemented and partnerships have been established in recent weeks to increase awareness of  TRON and spread the word around the world. With a new protocol, it is possible to send the Pope and Kanye West TRON.

As we reported earlier, TRON has partnered with Seddit, which is using a new protocol to enable TRX to be sent across social networks and, soon, via SMS.

Seddit is a payment system based on the TRON Blockchain, designed to make transfers in near real time.

In addition to Twitter, where the GoSeddit movement is currently being a popup, GoSeddit TRX can be sent on the telegram, Reddit, and Kakao. Some celebrities, such as Kanye West and the Pope, have received TRX from some supporters of the TRON community. The marketing campaign is a part of Operation TRON Storm, a rekindled movement aimed at engaging influential public figures in the mainstream and raising awareness of TRON and its prominence.

A quick guide to using GoSeddit looks like this:

  • Visit the page Goseedit.io
  • Click on Login to log in with a Twitter account
  • Make sure you authorize GoSeedit to use your account
  • Once the wallet is ready, you can send a tip by replying to a Twitter message in the following format: + (TRX amount) @goseedit for example. This would look like this: +20 @goseedit

These developments are just the beginning of an emerging movement that will carry cryptocurrencies, including TRON, into our everyday lives. Being able to donate cryptocurrencies for good content can motivate content producers to pay more attention to quality and good subjects. The time will show where the journey is going.

At the time of writing, TRON’s share price rose by a minimum of + 2.86 percent to a price of  $0.022. With a market capitalization of just under $1.46 billion, TRON occupies 12th place in the world’s largest cryptocurrencies.


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