Nasdaq CEO reveals plans of launching its own cryptocurrency exchange

Earlier on 25th April, in an interview with CNBC, Adena Friedman, the CEO of Nasdaq revealed that the exchange may become a platform for trading digital currencies like bitcoin in the future.

According to Friedman, she said, “Nasdaq has indeed been considering the possibility of becoming a crypto exchange over time.”

Be that as it may, there are various parameters which would have to be set up before any move could be made. For starters, the budding cryptocurrency space would need to develop and indicate steadiness over a longer period of time. This would incorporate the smoothing of regulations, in addition to other things. Regardless, even the possibility of a Nasdaq’s cryptocurrency exchange is most probably going to incite a solid response from those in the computerized cash group.

As per her opinions, during the interview with CNBC, Friedman explained that Nasdaq might consider changing its policies, as she said,  “if we take a look at [the cryptocurrency space], it certainly shows that the time has come, where  people are ready for a more regulated market,’ for something that provides a fair experience for investors.”

Although, regulation issues still prove to be a primary concern for Nasdaq and several other institutional investors. Friedman recommended that regulatory issues still need to be resolved before Nasdaq would even consider the inclusion of a trade. However, she still showed that she was bullish on the general future prospects of digital assets.

Nasdaq offers support to Gemini

Nonetheless,  Nasdaq currently does not have its own cryptocurrency exchange component, but still, the company has already offered its support to pre-existing digital asset exchanges. For instance, It recently announced a collaboration with Gemini, the digital asset exchange founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

According to a statement by Gemini CEO, Tyler Winklevoss, This partnership will enable Gemini to gain access of Nasdaq’s surveillance technology, and would further enable the exchange to protect its fair and “rules-based marketplace” on behalf of market participants.

Friedman also said that “it is necessary to regulate ICOs, the SEC is right that those are securities and need to be regulated.”

As per reports, The SEC had already announced last month that it would plan to applicable securities laws to all types of cryptocurrency-related activities and products, right from exchanges to wallets, and the agency has started its quest to crack down on ICO-related frauds.


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