Mining Factory KryptoVault: Closure of Bombs Follows?


The Mining-Unternehmen krypto vault north of Oslo could be forced by the City Council to close until all required approvals have been obtained. Probably one of the neighbors has sent a bomb threat to the operators due to the continuing noise pollution from the fans. As a result, the officials became aware of the provider.

KryptoVault offers a variety of services to its customers in both Hordaland and the small town of Hønefoss in the south of Norway. The factory halls, for example, serve as data centers for web hosting. In addition, cryptocurrencies are being mined, which according to the media is expected to account for up to 40 megawatts. In Hønefoss alone, some 9,500 mining units demand fresh air.

KryptoVault fans are ruining residents’ summer

As reported by the Norwegian edition of the news portal “The Local”, the neighbors feel disturbed by the former paper mill. Since April, the factory building in Hønefoss has been used again. After just four months, the operating company received a bomb threat. A neighbor told the business paper “Dagens Næringsliv” that the fans are constantly in use. That really ” ruined” his summer.

Despite the extreme temperatures, residents were forced to close their windows because of the noise. Other neighbors moved their bedrooms to escape the ” relentless noise “.

The bomb threat could have another consequence. According to the media, it could happen that the city government of the provincial city closes the factory until all necessary permits have been obtained. Allegedly, the community has already reached the verdict that the company currently operates illegally. KryptoVault CEO Stig R. Myrseth announced to The Local that he had all necessary permits at the time of the takeover of the site. He had now requested all missing papers. The company has also invested in noise reduction systems, according to Myrseth, to reduce the noise of the fans from 60 to less than 45 decibels.

Mining As Loud As A Sewing Machine

The noise level of 60 decibels (dB) is roughly comparable to a sewing machine or the conversation of a group of people. Already at this volume, the human body is stimulated to stress during sleep. In Germany, a maximum of 35 dB is allowed in pure residential areas at night. In mixed areas, it is 10 dB more between 10 pm and 6 am


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