Merger between Ebay Crypto Marketplace Ubcoin and the Qbao Network

Qbao Network

Ubcoin Market, a mobile Ebay-style marketplace that brings non-commercial sellers and buyers together and enables payments in cryptocurrency, has a comprehensive partnership with Singapore-based Qbao Network as per the latest announcement.

Qbao Network is a complex software solution that combines various functions such as a multi-currency crypto wallet and a stock exchange, as well as many other functions in one application. Ubcoin plans to integrate with most parts of the Qbao network infrastructure and provide network users with specific capabilities within the Ubcoin marketplace.

Ubcoin PTE LTD and Qbao Network signed a letter of intent to begin joint development. The overarching goal of both sides is to increase the respective user bases and to increase the customer value through new features for both the platforms.

Ubcoin is a global Ethereum-based peer-to-peer marketplace for exchanging real assets with cryptocurrencies. Ubcoin will be a part of the Ubank Mobile App, which is preinstalled on Samsung smartphones in 10 countries with 2.5 million active users. Ubcoin soon completes its token sale and is preparing to be listed on Asian crypto exchanges.

This Network serves the global blockchain world by providing users with a complex, overarching, distributed, secure and easy-to-use digital assets solution.

Qbao Network is a one-stop application that meets the needs of people in terms of digital currencies, digital asset management, digital asset trading, online consumption, identity authentication, news and social communications. The Network application is available in four languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Common objectives of cooperation:

  1. Qbao Network Crypto Wallet users will receive a set number of UBC tokens and can use them on the Ubcoin Marketplace to purchase products;
  2. The Ubcoin Market will be available on the Qbao Network DApp Store;
  3. There will be a Common crypto-payment and token-rewarding program solutions;
  4. It is expected that user communities will be created for Ubcoin Market customers on the Qbao Network social media network;
  5. The Qbao Network digital asset management program will be available to Ubcoin Market clients;
  6. Encrypted communication technology for integration in the Ubcoin market.

Felix, CEO of Ubcoin Market:

“Together with Qbao Network, we will actively seek additional opportunities for technological and business collaboration. The Ubcoin Market team strongly believes that partnerships of this kind offer valuable opportunities to enhance the success of both parties and to develop an optimistic and progressive vision for the future of digital asset management “

Nathan Sun, Co-founder and COO of Qbao Network:

 “Qbao Network is designed as a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem platform and the gateway to the blockchain world. We are pleased to partner with Ubcoin Market. We can build a better blockchain ecosystem with a wider pool of knowledge, skills and resources. “

About the Ubcoin market

Ubcoin Market is a global peer-to-peer platform designed to bring 200 million new investors to market. It bridges the gap between crypto and real worlds. Ubcoin will be a part of the Ubank App, the leading app for mobile payments in Eastern Europe. Ubank has been in business since 2009 and enjoys a loyal community of 2.5 million active users per month, more than 16 million downloads around the world, and has been preinstalled by Samsung and Fly. Ubcoin is currently terminating its token sale and has attracted both regular and institutional investors – including Inventure Partners and the Singapore-based Amereus Group.


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