Loom Network Raises $250k Funds For Their Blockchain Based Game

Loom Network Raises $250k Funds For Their Blockchain Based Game

Kickstarter campaigns are a great way of raising funds for developing games. Not all the games will receive expected funds from people. As we know, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are trending topics. Zombie battleground game is based on blockchain technology. Loom Network came up with this idea and raised the campaign with a goal of $250k.

Actually, the campaign was started in June. The span to receive funds is placed up to August. Surprisingly, Loom Network received full funds worth of $250000 within one month. This is one of the best examples to show the people’s interest towards new concepts. They tweeted to confirm that the goal is reached and thanked the people who contributed.

The concept of the game

Zombie battleground is based on card games concept. Users will sell, buy and trade cards to make a perfect deck in the game. While there are many card games out there, zombie battleground is a step ahead utilizing blockchain. Users will be able to own digital cards. Based on the flow of the game, users will trade cards to one another. There are more features for which the development is yet to begin.

The goal is to get this game on board until May 2019. Developers will release updates and news regarding the development at regular intervals. For full information, you can also visit their official website to check out more features, goals and new cards.


The development team consists of more than fifty people. Roy Shapiro is the game director. All the developers have been assigned their tasks and work accordingly. They are located in various places and are communicated through the internet. The game director takes care and monitors the work. As mentioned above, the goal is to complete the game and release into the market till May 2019.


At present scenario, many games are existing on respective platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, etc. The concept of every game should be unique and attractive to attract gamers. In this case, Zombie battleground’s concept was able to do the work and so is the reason for their $250k fund-raising success. Users are expecting a good game and let’s hope loom network will reach the expectations.


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