Litecoin: Charlie Lee Becomes A Consultant for The HTC Exodus Crypto Smartphone

Litecoin: Charlie Lee Becomes A Consultant for The HTC Exodus Crypto Smartphone

Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin and former director of engineering at the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase, has announced that he will be working for HTC as a consultant for the Exodus smartphone.

The release of the HTC Exodus has been scheduled towards the end of September this year and it will be the first smartphone dedicated to “distributed applications and security”. The device is loaded with a variety of functions which will assist the owners of cryptocurrencies. HTC describes the Exodus as “the Switzerland of protocols” with the sole aim of achieving blockchain interoperability. Each device will act as a node in the networks of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Not only this, the Exodus will also serve as a universal wallet for all the proud owners of Crypto.

After having a discussion with the team of HTC Exodus, Mr. Charlie Lee opined, that the device will support LTC and Lightning Network natively on Litecoin.  Mr. Lee volunteered as a consultant for the project because he thinks that a “secure crypto-phone which supports the Lightning network is the key to secure the mass acceptance of the technology”.

At the outset, HTC’s Chief Crypto Officer, Phil Chen propound that the HTC Exodus will initially support Bitcoin and Ethereum only. Charlie Lee substantiated, the availability of Litecoin which is regarded as the 7th largest market capitalization cryptocurrency.

HTC corroborated the message and that Charlie Lee will serve as an adviser to the project HTC Exodus.

Furthermore, a  Taiwanese tech company, Foxconn is also currently working on a blockchain and crypto smartphone. Sirin Labs which is an Israeli Technology company had chosen Foxconn to manufacture smartphone in the month of April this year with the underlined condition that the operating system should be Android-based. Foxconn is required to deliver by the month of October this year.


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