LaneAxis’ Patented Blockchain Software Revolutionizes Freight Management in the 21st Century

LaneAxis Patent Software revolutionizes

LaneAxis has developed a patented solution introduced by freight logistics experts with decades of experience. Trucking is arguably the backbone of the modern global economy, transporting goods overland to the most remote places. In the US alone, the industry spends $800 billion a year.

The worldwide shipping logistics market is estimated to be over $15 trillion by 2023. It is hard to believe that such an important sector still has such outdated procedures, which creates incredible inefficiencies and still requires many intermediaries for daily operations. Some freight companies even rely on faxes to do business! One company, LaneAxis, wants to change that.

LaneAxis has been working to improve inefficiencies for years, and in March 2018, the company was granted a US patent based on its own current decentralized SaaS platform, which enables carriers to directly and securely deliver vital transport logistics information in real time. Smart contracts enable carriers to manage and track supply chain transactions, digitize processes, reduce fraud, and streamline inventory management.

US Patent # 9,928,475 is the blueprint for the world’s first platform to optimize carrier interaction. The patent is critical to the developers of LaneAxis because it gives them the sole right to distribute and sell this innovative, transformative technology.

Monitoring the drivers in real time is the key to direct connection between manufacturer and forwarder.

This is made possible by the LaneAxis Driver Social Network feature. Linking drivers around the world with a single point of interaction generates huge amounts of data and provides a GPS-based load adaptation that can be used on a global scale. Drivers can use the AXIS token to access a long list of benefits and services.

For nearly a century, freight transport has been improving the freight industry, but there are few digital innovations in the industry. LaneAxis believes this will change with the new, patented solution. Their platform meets the unique needs of every 21st century user working in the logistics industry. The platform includes a web page, an app for each smartphone and a device with a graphical user interface that users can freely use, and allows the sender to specify requirements for dispatch and bids for using the equipment of a carrier. Carriers can provide their services, including equipment, availability and accepted minimum payment amount through the platform for freight forwarders.

Everyone involved can use the LaneAxis app to meet their individual needs and communicate directly with each other as a supplier or service provider. The GPS-enabled platform can also improve things like deadheading, which saves time and money. A freight forwarder can assess and calculate the costs (including travel costs, insurance, tolls, mileage and other figures) and then work with first-class smugglers to ensure that the products are delivered on time and on budget.

The complex freight industry has long needed a digital solution that encompasses all different parts and operations. The LaneAxis team recognizes that the transparency and possible intelligent contracts of blockchainis exactly what the industry needs, and has therefore developed its transparent app-based solution to optimize the industry and meet the needs of various stakeholders industry to meet. Their platform uses the AXIS Utility Token, which is now available through the company’s public presale. Pre-sale is now available with a 30% bonus and tokens at a price of $0.18. The first stage of the public sale begins on 21st September. The token price increases with each level until the end of the sale on December 21st.

For more information about LaneAxis and to purchase AXIS tokens, visit the website .



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