Kripto Mobile and DASH Text team up

Kripto Mobile

It’s always refreshing to see a healthy partnership between two companies. It’s even more refreshing when the partnership is actually beneficial for a specific community.

Presence in Venezuela

The first time we saw Kripto Mobile and Dash make a partnership was when they gave their services to the Venezuelan population. What happened was that Kripto Mobile launched back in August and immediately partnered up with Dash. Thanks to this partnership it was able to ship almost 60,000 devices to Venezuela alone.

The reason why this is a socially beneficial partnership is that the currency situation in Venezuela is pretty desperate. The currency there is pretty much useless, therefore most of the population needs to rely on overseas transfers on their accounts, which were becoming more and more restricted.

Thanks to the Mobile SMS system that Kripto and Dash managed to adopt, a lot of the Venezuelan population managed to receive transactions from overseas in the form of Dash Coins.

After this massive success. Dash and Kripto Mobile are continuing their stride towards even higher achievements as they’ve already partnered up with, which is a directory for every business that accepts Dash. And it is global as well. The partnership entails that Dash and Kripto mobile will create an app for the website.

Comments from the companies

Dash didn’t leave the news without comment when they said that the development of the platform is their highest priority at this point. The head of Business Development, Bradley Zastrow mentioned that the fact that Kripto Mobile was able to sell more than 60,000 phones within 2 months of appearing on the market, is a clear indication that the company has potential to grow.

With the development of Dash Text and, they are able to enhance the user experience and make their platforms a bit more accessible. For both non-smartphone and smartphones alike. The core value of the product is believed to be the enhancement of the living conditions for the population of Venezuela as they continue to make Dash their daily driver.

KRIP’s marketing manager, Andrea Coll also commented on the partnership saying that the ability to provide thee phones to the Venezuelan population at a reasonable price is what makes the project so successful. He also added that the path to success was also paved by the value they were able to provide these people.

Now let’s look at the partnership from a Dash Coin investor’s perspective. The increase of the currency is guaranteed as more and more people will become involved in its circulation. The fact that it may actually become the daily driver for the whole country of Venezuela should send massive messages to the investor community that it is time to buy.

However, in the far future it the bullish sentiment this will cause will surely be simmered down by the “implementation” of the coin in the “not so national economy”. So keep a good eye at these two companies as they continue to grow.


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