Kim Dotcom: “Buy Bitcoin and stop losing money to politicians and bankers”

kim dotcom bitcoin

Kim Dotcom is a German-Finnish internet entrepreneur and a crypto-currency investor. According to him said, US economy will inevitably crash in the next few years.

If US markets deteriorate in the long run, as predicted by recognized economists including Peter Schiff and Nouriel Roubini, Dotcom stated that cryptocurrencies will attract investors as a robust and stable reserve of value along with precious metals such as gold .

“US Empire now pays half a trillion dollars in interest payments per year to service its debt. US debt increases by a trillion per year. It’s a death spiral that cannot be undone. Self destruction and USD collapse are unavoidable. Get out of USD and US stocks. Buy gold & crypto.”

Buy cryptocurrency and gold to protect yourself

As the world’s most powerful economy, the US economy has a significant impact on Asia and Europe. When the US stock markets suffered their worst settlement in recent years, excluding all gains made in 2018, analysts reported that Asian markets became more vulnerable to a possible crash.

If the US economy experiences a major crash by 2020, as many economists and large financial institutions like JPMorgan predict, this will have a more drastic effect on the stock, real estate and financial markets in Asia.

The US debt problem mentioned by Kim Dotcom was shared by economists and government agencies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which recently emphasized that the US must stop ignoring the gravity of its publicly held federal debt.

Cryptocurrencies provide financial freedom

Dotcom added that additionally to the adoption of cryptocurrencies to the point where retailers and companies adopt digital assets as an appropriate payment method, this will provide consumers with unparalleled financial freedom, increasing the value of digital actives:

“Crypto is replacing fiat at an accelerating rate. It’s still early days but within 10 years you can pay all your bills, goods and services with crypto. No more bankers and politicians gambling with your money at the bullshit casino. People power

Encryption + Crypto = Freedom.”


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