It is now possible to buy Verge (XVG) in 20,000 outlets in Europe

verge bitnovo

Not so long ago, the cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) almost invaded the internet when it announced that it would partner with Pornhub and Brazzers to further increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Since then, digital asset has seen a large increase in worldwide adoption through various crypto-dealer providers, dealers and service providers accepting the digital asset as a form of payment.

A quick look at the website of the Verge currency, produces a long list of about 120 suppliers who now accept the digital currency as a payment option.

Bitnovo users can now buy the XVG

In a tweet published yesterday, Bitnovo announced that you can buy XVG via ATMs in Spain and Italy through its more than 20,000 stores.

Bitnovo was launched in 2016 and evolved to become a major player in the cryptocurrency sector in Spain and Italy. Users have the option to use the mobile app (Android and iOS) as well as a prepaid debit card.


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