IOTA Partners with Fingerprint Sensor company NEXT Biometrics

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IOTA is one of the most innovative and complex projects of the cryptocurrency universe. Moreover, it does not rely on blockchain technology but on the Tangle. The Tangle provides a variety of new ways to easily and quickly edit and solve complicated tasks. The newest cooperation partner is Norwegian company NEXT Biometrics.

NEXT Biometrices announced the cooperation with the IOTA Foundation on its blog. They both want to develop a new identity management system. The project will use IOTA’s Tangle to establish a secure way to capture, store, and access people’s identities. The goal is to integrate fingerprint sensor technology into IOTA’s Open Source protocol.

IOTA’s Next Step

IOTA’s mission is to promote the development and standardization of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The Tangle is a DLT designed for the Internet of Things. In fact, it is an open-source protocol enabling machine-to-machine (M2M) interactions. This includes data transmission, real-time micropayments without charges, as well as the acquisition and dissemination of sensor-based information. Therefore, both IOTA and NEXT Biometrics will create synergies from existing technical knowledge.

“NEXT will integrate IOTA technology into a selection of its sensor products, leveraging IOTA’s extensive technical expertise to ensure development of seamless solutions. Both parties will utilize their networks to promote and showcase NEXT and IOTA technology.”

Holger Köther, Director of Collaborations of the Foundation, said that NEXT Biometrics’ technology in collaboration with the Tangle is an important step in driving confidence for the development of the Internet of Things.

“IOTA Tangle provides secure data transfer, with an immutable audit trail. The integration of IOTA into NEXT Biometrics sensors is a key step to build solutions that enable safe, effective user identification at the device level. Together these solutions will provide digital trust as we move towards the Internet of Everything.”

Already in October of this year, IOTA teamed up with startup IAMPASS to develop a biometric authentication system using a person’s venous pattern to validate his identity.


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