IAMPASS: IOTA Introduces Tangle-Based Biometric Authentication System

iota iampass

The IOTA Foundation introduced a biometric authentication system based on the Tangle. This system will allow the use of biometric authentication as a proof of concept in transactions involving IOTA. Users will soon be able to count on yet another layer of protection in the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency.

Biometric authentication is a virtually foolproof system. No security key can copy the data present in a user’s digital impression. This will allow more security in cryptocurrency transactions, especially envolving IOTA.

With a proof of concept based on the digital impression of its users, IOTA presented its new system, IAMPASS. It was created using the company’s Tangle technology.

IAMPASS is the new IOTA technology that will “read the hand” of users

“IAMPASS” innovates by offering a biometric system capable of reading far beyond digital impressions. The technology uses the whole palm of the hand. This creates a unique pattern, according to the data of each user. Unauthorized access will be a thing of the past, since IAMPASS uses biotechnology to create completely safe data that can not be reproduced or transferred.

Instead of raw data such as multiple passwords and login, users can only use his or her palm to access their funds. As the number of cases involving crypto-theft increases, this system is very useful for investors. When using biometric data, a hack could never reproduce the impression of a hand.

System can be used by companies for access control

In addition to cryptocurrencies, “IAMPASS” can be implemented for several other types of use cases. The security system can be used to protect physical data centers, and even control personnel in areas requiring surveillance. Any company in need for data verification of its employees can do so with the help of “IAMPASS”.


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