Global Blockchain Survey 2018

Surveyed experts predict a flourishing future

Business enterprise Deloitte has launched a survey among 1,000 Blockchain experts. It was all about one thing: the future of Blockchain. 

Bitcoin? No thanks! Blockchain? Yes gladly! Such a credo or the like can be heard over and over again in Bitcoin and its underlying technology. The technological innovation and advances that the technology promises are praised often and highly, while the potential of Bitcoin is often less appreciated. So also in the job industry: “Something with Blockchain” is the new “something with media”. The economic giant Deloitte has approached the issue now in a survey. For example, the company surveyed a total of 1,000 experts from the hype of technology from a total of seven different countries and nine different industries. The result is as promising as it is meaningless:

While not quite ready for primetime yet, but the blockchain is getting a bit closer to its moment of breakout each day.

This is the result of the Global Blockchain Survey 2018. Furthermore, the entire technological ecosystem, which is far removed from Bitcoin, is slowly starting to be in its infancy, developing new and promising solutions in many places. The actual deployment and implementation of these solutions, however, is still to come.

The Future is Bright

For example, 74 percent of the surveyed experts predict a flourishing future for blockchain technology and their respective companies are already familiar with the technology. By contrast, 34 percent said that they have already developed blockchain systems. In turn, 41 percent of respondents expect their organizations to develop a blockchain application within the next 12 months. Another 40 percent predicted that their company would invest up to $5 million in technology next year.

The three main areas of employment of the respondents are the financial sector (23 percent), technology/ media/telecommunications (18 percent) and consumer industries (14 percent). As another “result” of their survey Deloitte presents the reference to companies:

“Especially as bridges are broken between Blockchain and other emerging technologies, we can notice the potential of the blockchain which can help organizations in creating a new value. Far from anything that can be imagined at the moment due to existing technologies.”


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