French Business School Pay accepts tuition fees in Bitcoin

Financia Business school

The prestigious Financia Business School from Paris is taking an innovative approach. Students can now pay for their tuition fees with Bitcoin to save on costs.

Pay the tuition fees with Bitcoin

According to French Finacia Business School, Bitcoin payments are especially interesting for students from abroad. They often pay large fees for transferring money when paying their tuition,. Digital currencies like the Bitcoin will be a big advantage. This move is not a huge surprise, since the Business School has been offering Blockchain related courses for some time now.

Only 5 students paid their fees in cryptocurrency in 2018 so far. According to one student, Adam Hasib, his early investment in Bitcoin helped him pay his tuition fees.

“I became interested in this technology very early on and quickly became a staunch follower of the Blockchain’s decentralized model. By June 2017 I had acquired my first bitcoins, which allowed me to pay the registration deposit at school.”

This can be because many people have not yet created their own wallet and are observing the developments on the crypto market from the outside. Future generations, however, could put more emphasis on BTC payments. If the case arises, students can save money compared to traditional payment methods, depending on the current exchange rate.

Experienced partner will secure infrastructural processing

Coin Capital is the cooperation partner for the Business College to process payments. The startup is active in the blockchain area. The plans of the institution also foresee a stronger involvement of Blockchain in other bureaucratic areas. In the foreseeable future, different currencies will be used for payments on campus and in the university environment as a whole, such as Ethereum.

Financia Business School explores emerging technologies within the financial sector. In the future, the Administrative Board will benefit from blockchain innovations. Among other things, it will be possible to pay services within the university with tokens.


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