First Litecoin Summit will be Held in Mid-September with Prominent Cast

First Litecoin Summit

Everything is quiet in the Litecoin community, since the last few days and weeks.  This should change the orientation of the Litecoin Summit. The Litecoin Foundation invites all friends of the community to San Francisco.

The Litecoin Foundation has been organized on September 14thand 15th 2018, in the San Francisco Conference Center and it will be the year’s first Litecoin Summit.  Prominent speakers include its founder itself, Charlie Lee, CEO of lightning Labs, Elizabeth Stark, and the CEO of Abra, Bill Barhydt.

Locally, there will be a virtual business, that shows the future possibilities and represents the implementation in today’s society. This should people be that Cryptocurrencies are more than just a ‘bubble’, but can significantly change our everyday lives show.

The future of all Cryptocurrencies, as well as the potential impact of the lightning, extend to set topics of speakers about a possible worldwide Cryptocurrency regulation as a network for the mass adaption at cross-border terminals. Other very interesting topics include the use of Sidechain and smart contract.

Charlie Lee is looking forward to the event and the opportunity to bring together experts in a place:

We are very glad to join this amazing Line-Up and our community under one roof. In the Blockchain – and Cryptocurrency ecosystem, much has happened in the last year, and there’s no better group of people to explore current and future events. We are also pleased to be able to bring together the Litecoin community.

For all those who are interested,  there is currently a deal of 50% discount on VIP tickets with the coupon code “LTCSF18”.

The course of Litecoin recorded a minimal decline within the last 24 hours of -2.11% on a price of 56.44 USD. It is considered as the 7th largest Cryptocurrency topped with a market capitalization of nearly 3.26 billion USD worldwide.


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