Find Out Which Cryptocurrency Lost the Most Value Year-to-Date


While it hasn’t been a picnic for most cryptocurrencies this year, one coin has suffered worse declines than its peers. Qtum has shed approximately 93.2% of its value year-to-date, giving it the dubious distinction as the worst performing crypto of 2018 so far.

The downtrend of 2018 has been felt throughout the broader crypto market, with the combined market capitalization and trading volume suffering major declines. As a result, it’s been a difficult year for cryptocurrencies, but mainly for Qtum.

Qtum, the Worst Performer of 2018

Qtum has seen its price completely plummet in 2018. In fact, it’s the worst-performing coin in the cryptocurrency market, having lost 93.2% of its value so far in 2018.

The second-worst performer is VeChain, which is not too far behind Qtum. Investors who bought VeChain in early 2018 and still own the cryptocurrency suffered a 91.6% decline year-to-date. As a result, this was the second-worst performer in the cryptocurrency market so far this year.

NEM is the third-worst performer, suffering a price decline of 89.7% over the last nine months.

Many surprises can still unfold in 2018, and this list can be modified. In a recently published tweet, a researcher ranked the most dramatic cryptocurrency price swings in the market.

Source: Twitter

EOS the Most Stable Coin

On the other hand, EOS has demonstrated the most stability in the cryptocurrency market this year.  EOS’ value shrunk by 23.4% year-to-date, which compared to Qtum’s 93% decline isn’t too shabby. Double-digit losses are severe, but compared to the other cryptocurrencies, EOS has held its own as the best-performing cryptocurrency in the market so far this year.

The 2018 cryptocurrency market has in fact been devastating for most of coins, which have fallen significantly in recent months. Even bitcoin (BTC) has suffered heavy declines.

According to the data in the table, bitcoin had the third-best performance in the market and has “only” lost 50.8%. That figure is more than double what EOS lost in the same period. In second place with the best performance is Stellar,  whose value declined less than 50% so far in 2018.


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