Exodus 1: HTC’s blockchain smartphone can only be purchased with Bitcoin or Ethereum

htc exodus1

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC announced the launch of its first blockchain device, the Exodus 1. The company is already carrying out pre-order registrations and the new device, which can only be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is expected to be delivered in December.

The Exodus1 can only be purchased online. It will cost 0.15 Bitcoins or 4.78 Ether, approximately 1.000 $US.

Exodus 1

The Exodus 1 is available to customers in 34 countries, including the US, UK and Hong Kong. However, HTC has not released any information on when the device will be made available to the general public. The company says it is looking for developers to work on the early access versions.

Announced for the first time in May this year, the Exodus 1 has several functions involving blockchain technology, such as a factory-owned portfolio, as well as additional security features like a ‘secret enclave’ that stores the codes.

The device will allow the addition of ‘trusted’ contacts that can download a key management application. Users who lose their device or forget their key can use a ‘social key recovery process’. Each contact will have a part of their key.

According to the company, they plan to release an API (Application Programming Interface) so developers on other platforms can use Exodus to secure keys and sign transactions.


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