Ethereum: New hard fork planned in November

ethereum Constantinople

The next update of Ethereum (ETH) is due in November this year. The new hard fork is known as Constantinople. Participants at the latest developer meeting said the update was coded with all major customers, including the Ethereum Foundation and Parity. The most popular versions of the software process more than $ 20 billion in crypto-currency.

The planned upgrade to be launched later this year has no exact date yet. The update will be inserted into the code, and activated in a block to be defined.

Constantinople Hard Fork

Constantinople includes five changes incompatible with the network. Ranging from small code optimizations to more controversial changes, such as reducing the rewards of mining for each block of transactions.

Experimental plans to release the update depend on a soft version of the Constantinople upgrade to an Ethereum test network called Ropsten. This is the main platform for testing new code, a development scheduled to take place this Sunday.

Last week, the test launch was delayed due to a bug found within one of the five changes of the update. During the developer meeting, several Ethereum software customers stated that they were largely ready to move forward with the tests.

“Core developers are thrilled to be launching the next Constantinople test,” said Hudson Jameson, Communication Director of the Ethereum Foundation. He added:

“We are on the right track to free Constantinople on the main network less than a month after Devcon.”


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