Ethereum Announced as A Means of Payment in The Game Project Genesis

The Game Project Genesis

When exactly the new online game Project Genesis will come in the market, is not yet known. It has leaked, however, that the cryptocurrency Ethereum should have a central role in the game. The developer “8 Circuit” could lay the foundation for a new trend within the gaming world with his concept.

Ethereum succeeds in entering the gaming business

Although links between the digital gaming world and crypto currencies already existed, Bitcoin was usually the focus. It is worth mentioning that Ethereum is being preferred as a payment option because it is a very important step towards more recognition of the digital currencies and, of course, primarily of the ether-coin.

The developer 8 Circuit has deliberately opted for this variant and would like to take a new direction when paying. Also in the game Project Genesis itself, the company combines different approaches.

According to recent news, the online survival game relies on the proven approach of a first-person shooter, but combines it with space exploration, extraterrestrial battles and other aspects.

Supplement to Reward Achievements

On the one hand, to be rewarded, players can bet on their victories in clashes with opponents. Achievements bring them “EXP” – digital coins that can be used to optimize combat equipment.

Ethereum users can also use their cryptocurrency. Players can get hold of Ethereum coins by playing, but they can also buy from the system to exchange the purchased coins for weapons and many other things.

Cross-game usage is also possible

The acquired weapons and extras can be used according to information of the studio even at the player of other games from 8 Circuit. Thus Ethereum investments benefit users not only within the Project Genesis world but also Ethereum could appear as a means of payment in other games of the company in the future.



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