EOS Record: Over 51,000 daily dApp users


51,000 active dApp users in one day: that is a new record for the EOS network. The Ethereum network contributed with another 15,000 active users. What did most users focus on, and what developments can be expected in the future?

Gambling-related dApps are most popular choice

Cryptanalyst Kevin Rook, citing DappRadar, posted on Twitter that October 9th was a record-breaking day in the history of the EOS network. More than 51,000 users were active in connected dApps within a single day.

DApps are decentralized applications that reside on the corporate network. Since only the backend code is in the network, the dApps can be any application. In the case of EOS, it was primarily dApps with a reference to gambling. These dApps are a way to increase user numbers.

Together with the Ethereum network, which also contributed with over 15,000 active dApp users to the record, 70% of those involved were using gambling dApps. The top 3 dApps were:

  • BetDice, with 14,000 users
  • Se7ens with 11,772 users
  • EOS.Win with 7,183 users

With the addition of EOSPlay Lottery & Dice and EOSBet, two other gambling dApps were placed among the top 7 applications. From the Ethereum side, a much more questionable application has secured the top spot. 333ETH is classified as a “High Risk” if you become aware of the snowball system behind the dApp.

In addition, there are two exchanges, IDEX and ForkDelta, which were also able to crack the 1.000 users mark in 24 hours on October 9th.

Gaming dApps with decreasing user numbers

It is particularly striking that hardly any gaming dApps can be found at the top. For a long time, the game crypto kitties was at the top of the rankings. In the Ethereum network, the dApp currently only reaches around 400 users per day. A disappointing number for the game. The goal was more than 10.000 daily users. Shortly after its release, user numbers were as high as 14.000 daily users, but this could not be achieved again.

Even in the Ethereum network, CryptoKitties has now been overtaken by two competitors. HyperDragons is ranked number 5 with just under 600 users, while Etheremon is in seventh place, with exactly 500 users. In September, three gaming dApps were among the top 5.

Meanwhile, on EOS ‘side there is only one game among the 17 most used dApps: EOS Knights, the 6th most used dApp. While one day the game did register 1.790 users, the tendency is generally negative. With a market capitalization of over $ 4.8 billion, EOS is currently considered the world’s fifth biggest cryptocurrency. Ethereum ranks second with around $ 20.6 billion.




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